Why Start an Organic Farm

Many organic farmers are people who were raised on farms.  

Other organic farmers are cooks who want to make sure they have complete control of the ingredients that come into their kitchen.  

For me, the desire to become an organic farmer started when I became a mother. As I was transitioning my oldest daughter from breast milk to regular food, I was appalled at preservatives and added sugars found in kid food. That lead me to examine what was in my own food, which mostly came from a box or a can, and let’s just say I was horrified.  

I went down a rabbit whole of learning more about where our food in America comes from, and I was so angry. What made me the most upset was what kind of foods were in our schools and how low-income families had the least access to good, healthy food. They say the best way to find your passion in the world is to find what makes you angry and then go change it. I found my thing.  

After lots of discussions with family and friends, I decided the best way I could change the standard American diet was to put better food into the mix, which meant becoming a farmer myself.  

Even though I had a job that I liked and a nice life, I knew I needed to follow this dream, and that’s how Farm Hearts was born!