Planting Season

This week, the Farm Hearts team will be planting our produce for the spring. Planting season is a pretty intensive produce, and I’ve been having a few sleepless nights lately.  

For months, we decide what we are going to plant for the season. A lot of thought and planning goes into what types of produce and crops we can and are able to grow. This is based on the space we have available as well as the staffing as different crops require different levels of maintenance. Also, we look at the different varieties of produce so that we can stay competitive and earn profits. There are tons of organic farms in northern California, many of them growing standard crops like beans, tomatoes, greens, etc., so we have to provide them with something they can’t get elsewhere. These kind of crops are an investment, so it can be a gamble and that’s a bit scary.  

Every planting season there are some worries that we our crops might not yield the profits we need to continue as a farm, and maybe next season there will be no Farm Hearts. However, planting season comes with possibility. Every seed we plant is special, and its possibilities are limitless. Maybe it becomes the potato that feeds a hungry family or the beet that creates a prize-worthy dish. It is very much like giving birth to a baby (and as a mother of three, I would know!). 

Yes, there are worries, but I also know that I have to focus on what could be. It’s the only way to stay sane and optimistic during planting season. As I put each seedling into the ground, I say a little prayer for what it could be and wish it well. Be good to the plant, and they will be good to your, right? Lol!