Long-term Goals for Farm Hearts

People often ask me what my goals for Farm Hearts is, and I often reply, “Do you have two hours?” They laugh nervously, but really that’s how long it might take for me to talk about all the goals I have because THERE ARE SO MANY!  

The first, and more prominent goal of the moment, is to grow our sales. We currently sell produce at a few farmers markets, but I’d like to expand into natural food stores within the area. It would be very difficult to do this with all of our produce, so we might have to focus on a specific thing, such as tomatoes, or maybe even our eggs.  

Then, I would eventually like to open up a restaurant where Farm Hearts provides most of the produce. We would have to really scale up the farm to make this happen, and it would take not only a huge staff but also a large plot of land, but it would be really awesome if people could order an omelet with our eggs, our spinach, and our onions, and then go buy those exact ingredients in the attached market. Customers would know EXACTLY where their food comes from, and they would know that they are only getting the freshest ingredients. We could help make food real and good again, not just an act of convenience. And, our prices and menu would be set up so that everyone could organic, delicious food.  

The last major goal is to start a non-profit that donates organic food to schools, specifically inner-city public schools. It’s absolutely atrocious what school lunch looks like around the country, and kids are being conditioned to enjoy the crappy, nutrition-less food that when they are given the option of healthy foods, they don’t eat it. In addition to providing good food, I want to educate kids on how delicious and life-changing real food can be. Kids need to be taught that healthy food is fun and exciting, and that just isn’t being done in this country. We want our kids to have nearly perfect test scores, but we are not willing to give or teach them about the fuel that can give them the energy to do well in school.  

So, all of this are pretty simple and easy to do, right? Ha! I know those are high ambitions, but I wouldn’t have started Farm Hearts if I didn’t think they are possible. These aren’t five-year goals, or even ten years, but they will take decades, and I believe in this mission so much that I am willing to work hard to see them through.