Leaving the Dentistry Field

Since I was 16, I wanted to be a dentist. I was probably the only teenage girl in the whole history of the world that liked going to the dentist, but I loved it. It was probably because I had frizzy hair, ugly freckles, and was a bit overweight, but I had perfectly straight white teeth. The dentist would always tell me that my teeth were the best he has ever seen, “celebrity good,” he would tell me. Naturally, all of these positive reinforcements encouraged me to pursue a degree in dentistry.  

After dental school, I was extremely lucky in finding a dental practice owner to take me under her wing as a mentee, and eventually selling me her practice when she retired. We lived in a small town and everyone knew that our dentists were the best in the area. I loved my patients, getting to know them, and easing their fears in the dental chair.  

It was not an easy choice to give up my dentistry field, and I actually ran Farm Hearts for about six months while still keeping my dental practice. Eventually, I realized that if I really wanted to make my organic farm work, I would need to leave my dentistry career behind. This was not an easy choice, but luckily for me, I hired Professional Transitional Strategies to help me sell my dental practice to someone who could keep it in good hands and continue offering quality services to the community. They did a fantastic job, and the new owners are actually my current dentists! 

Making the career change was not easy, and sometimes I think I could go back to dentistry if the whole organic farm thing failed, but I knew that I couldn’t go through life without giving this dream a try. I do miss being a dentist, and the regular paycheck, but every day, I know in my heart, that I made the right choice.